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Marsha Kelly -business blogs

Marsha Kelly -business blogsToday, our friend and Long Island neighbor Marsha Kelly will share advice for local small business owners. She is an experienced business consultant and serial entrepreneur.

She believes that starting and running your own business is hard so your accounting software should be as easy as possible. Her recommendation is to use online accounting for small business software Quickbooks Online



Hello subscribers, I am pleased to be sharing my hard-won knowledge of what works and what does not for small businesses today.  I know that running a business on Long Island, or anywhere, is hard work. So anything that can simplify your systems, reduce your workload and be easy to use is highly appreciated.  My firm, and millions of other small businesses across the world use Quickbooks Online for their accounting solutions. I love it because it has all the features you will need, is easy to use and reliable and secure.  Yes, perhaps, co love QBO since I wrote this article listing the top 51 reasons that it is the best accounting software for small businesses on my blog –

Good software is a solution that is both affordable and fully featured.  When purchasing services or software, I search for features that save me time and remove the hassle, and drudgery, of bookkeeping and accounting tasks.  Quickbooks Online has many electronic entry items such as invoices, bill pay, expense reporting, checking and credit card account reconciliation. By removing so much of the repetitive data entry, it saves time and reduces errors.  Add in my favorite feature of automated bank and credit card transaction sync, and you will be impressed how easily you can keep track of your business financials. The sync, once you enable the connection to your bank or credit card account, regularly adds completed transactions directly into Quickbooks Online. This process avoids the mistake of not entering all charges into your ledger – something I forgot often.

For retail stores, there is an award-winning POS – the point of sale system that integrates seamlessly with the QB online version for streamlined bookkeeping.  If all this has not convinced you, the free mobile apps to let you manage your business from your phone will seal the deal – it did for me 🙂

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