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Marsha Kelly -business blogsToday, our friend and Long Island neighbor Marsha Kelly will share advice for local small business owners. She is an experienced business consultant and serial entrepreneur.

She believes that starting and running your own business is hard so your accounting software should be as easy as possible. Her recommendation is to use online accounting for small business software Quickbooks Online

Hello subscribers, I am pleased to be sharing my hard-won knowledge of what works and what does not for small businesses today.  I know that running a business on Long Island, or anywhere, is hard work. So anything that can simplify your systems, reduce your workload and be easy to use is highly appreciated.  My firm, and millions of other small businesses across the world use Quickbooks Online for their accounting solutions. I love it because it has all the features you will need, is easy to use and reliable and secure.  Yes, perhaps, co love QBO since I wrote this article listing the top 51 reasons that it is the best accounting software for small businesses on my blog –

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Long Island is an amazing place to vacation in the summer, just ask any New Yorker!  There are a ton of hot spots to hit on Long Island but here are some of our favorites,

1. The Beach

It’s an island so you really don’t have to travel far to hit the waves. Grab the sunscreen and a beach towel and hang for the day at Jones, Robert Moses or Hither Hills Beaches. If those are too crowded for you there are lots of out of the way smaller town beaches.

2. The Nissequogue River

Spend the day paddling down the Nissequogue River, pack a lunch and just bask in the scenery.

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Things to Do on Long Island

A favorite spot for many tourists visiting New York State, Long Island is home to beaches, golf courses, shopping and luxury.  The island is roughly 115 miles long from east to west and filled with some gorgeous hotels just waiting for you to check in.

How can you get there?

You can fly into Long Island directly via MacArthur Airport, you can also come onto the island by train from Penn Station in Manhattan.  If you’re fairly local and can drive to Long Island there ways onto the island you can take the Northern State Parkway, Southern State Parkway and the Long Island Expressway.  You can also grab the ferry to get on the island.

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Competitors Search Engine Optimization

Are you frustrated seeing your competitors websites greater on search web pages in Google than your own? Why is that? google search engine optimization
You have a site. You have a great company. So why are they showing up initially on the internet search engine web pages?

search engine optimization for dummies Right here’s just how you can defeat them on Google and also get more company from the Internet:

Search Engine Optimization competitor evaluation tool:

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Kids love Minions!

minion birthdaysAs you know, they are characters from the animated 2015 movie. The story is that they were birthed at the beginning of time and live to work. However, they have villainess employers, but even when there is no more master they miss him and become sad. Together they join up a search for a new master and thus begins the fun!
They are super cute with their bright yellow bodies and big bug eyes each wearing denim overalls – so why not theme your child’s birthday party around these lovable characters.
Hire a minion performer
party with minionsThere are quality entertainment companies near your hat will bring a life-size minion to your event to amped up the fun.

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